My “White Fragility” Experience, by Chrysi Black

Stepping into my courage & vulnerability, I am going to share a HUGE personal wake-up call that I’ve recently experienced. This isn’t for debate, but rather relaying MY own journey.


Though the movement has been around for many years, 2020 is when I truly understood “Black Lives Matter” in MY OWN awareness. I was sickened to my core at the continual mistreatment of black people still happening in the United States! I have been so naïve to think racism had lessened in my lifetime. In reality, it’s just shape-shifted. I deeply wanted to help, but didn’t know how or where to begin. 


I started by really listening…


To be a positive ally for racial equality today, the first step is for white people to do our own work, to become educated on how we are unconsciously perpetuating racism in this country.




After 2 years of “stuckness” on how to proceed, an opportunity appeared. (Or as they say, the student was finally ready…ME!) I participated in a group that read & discussed the book, “White Fragility” by Robin Diangelo. WOW! I have learned SO much! My eyes & heart have opened wide!


Having already spent 30 years healing my own outdated beliefs, generational gunk, traumas, etc…this book has revealed yet another “shadowy” layer of myself to bring to light. Awareness is the first step for ME in changing MY unconscious role in anything; in this case, racism. 


My immediate reaction to this book included (& maybe you’re saying this too):

“I treat everyone equally”, 

“I don’t see color”,

“I’m a good person, so how can I be racist?” 

“I don’t experience white privilege”…

(Our white defensive responses are truly endless, & the book addresses them all.)


There’s been a lot to unpack, learn, accept, & to own MY part in this racial disparity. I am diving deeply, taking off my own blinders & removing my cloak of defensiveness to what is actually here now…the white privilege, white fragility, white dominance, race & politics, racial history, white coded language, white solidarity. As uncomfortable as this information has been, it is time for ME to interrupt MY OWN ingrained patterns! 


My personal discoveries have been emotionally painful, disturbing, shocking…and none of this is even a fraction of what black people experience every day! This is just a start, it’s necessary & the LEAST I can do toward eradicating racism! My learning will never end, but I am committed to continuing this work.


And now I offer a heartfelt invitation to my white friends:

If you’re courageous, willing & open to learn, to be uncomfortable, & to look at the part we are silently playing to keep our black brothers & sisters stuck in racial oppression…then I encourage you to read this book! I would love for you to join me in this societal change.




Thanks for listening. 

May we BE the inspired, loving collective for true equality in this lifetime.