I Am Not a Victim Here by Katherine Guendling

I’m not the victim here.


I’ve called all of this dis-ease into my life for one purpose only – to bring me closer to my Divine Creator.  Closer to Love.  It’s a God thing.


Neither a hiatal hernia, neuropathy nor a cyst in my spinal cord have power over me.  I am not this body.


My challenge today is to love this body enough.  Enough to expose its needs, enough to be lovingly aggressive on the path to its healing, enough to set the mind’s fears aside and focus on the good that’s happening.


I heard myself say that I felt like Job.  As I contemplate that statement I recognize a great spiritual truth.  Whatever I give my attention to is expanded.  So, I lovingly turn my attention from the pain to the healing.


A very beautiful thing happened in the hospital.  Because the doctors couldn’t find the source of my pain, they did a great number of tests.  The tests are to be celebrated!  All my organs, with the exception of my stomach, are working perfectly.  


I pulled up the YouTube of “Jessica’s Daily Affirmations”, take a look: 


I’m not standing on the bathroom sink but just like little Jessica I now begin my day with enthusiastic affirmations.


Laying here in the hospital bed I affirm: I love my liver, my heart is beautiful, my pancreas is happy, my gallbladder is fantastic, I love my life, I love my husband, my family is awesome, my friends are extraordinary, my house is great, my doctors are miracle workers, and my body knows how to heal itself! Yes!


Unity principle #3, the law of mind action works when you work it.  I am working it.  Our words, intentions, and where we put our attention are mighty powerful tools.  I feel the healing happening NOW.  I am not a victim here.  God is moving through me as me and I’m consciously aware it is so.  

Loveneough Katherine